Ifa: A Complete Divination
Ayoola Salami was born into the union of Chief and Mrs. Anthony Alarape Salami of Jagun Ojoagabi House, in Oyo, Oyo state, Nigeria. He is not only a renowned author on the Yoruba culture and Ifa/Orisa traditions, he is also...
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Apetebii: the Wife of Orunmila
Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon comes from a family acclaimed to be one of the authorities on Yoruba traditional institution. His great ancestor, OLUTIMEHIN was one of the co-founders of the City of Oshogbo, in Osun State of Nigeria. Yemi is a...
Orishas: The Ultimate Guide to African Orisha Deities and Their Presence in Yoruba, Santeria, Voodoo, and Hoodoo
You are not alone. The spirits of our ancestors are with you. The ancient Orishas, known for their tremendous powers, will help you on your journey through life. With their Ashe at your disposal, you can command tremendous results and...
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The Yoruba: Divine Ancestry & Near-Eastern Origins
Now for the first time is a 'Full Colour' book which Uncovers, the ancient History and Origins of the Yoruba tribe of South-Western Nigeria. 'The Yoruba' traces the origins behind the ancient Mythologies and Traditions of one of the most...
Odù Ifá: "DIVINE VERSES": Sacred Book of the Yoruba Nation
When we speak about Yoruba Culture & Spirituality, it is impossible to do so without speaking about this book, which forms the Bedrock of Yoruba cultural tradition of Divination. Literally translating into English as “Divine Verses”, taken from the Sacred...
Ifism, Vols. 10, 11, 12, & 13: The Odus of Ogunda, Osa, Etura & Irete
In this volume, IFISM - The Complete Works of Orunmila. Volumes Ten-Eleven-Twelve-Thirteen, The Odu of Ogunda, Osa, Eutura and Irete, Mr. Cromwell Osamaro Ibie continues his revelations of the Odu (sacred text of Ifa). In addition to revealing the earthly...
Araaraara: Wondrous Inhabitor of Thunder
Araaraara: Wondrous Inhabitor of Thunder
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Ironti Aponni Meji: Remembrance of Two Flatterers
Homage is paid to the musical artistry of Obatala priest Rodolfo Martin and Ogun priest Lazaro Ross; both are now with the ancestors. Each aponni/flatterer sings a selection of songs for the orisa that are transcribed and translated. The translations...
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Who's Knocking on My Floor?: Esu Arts in the Americas
Who's Knocking on My Floor?: Esu Arts in the Americas... about Esu Elegba. the book  is richly illustrated with maps, line drawings, and 188 photographs.
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Adura Orisa: Prayers for Selected Heads by John Mason
Adura Orisa: Prayers for Selected Heads Product details Publisher : Yoruba Theological Archministry (January 1, 2002) ISBN-10 : 1881244199 ISBN-13 : 978-1881244196
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