A Hustler's Queen

By: Saundra
ISBN: 9781496712011
Rising urban lit star Saundra ignites a sizzling tale of a good girl turned drug kingpin’s lady . . .
A hard-working daddy’s girl, Precious Cummings is sure she’s going to college. But when her father is murdered, she discovers he lied for years about money they never had—and hid a shocking family secret. Shattered and lost, she starts hanging with savvy hood chick Keisha—and falls hard for DaVon, LA’s most powerful drug dealer. As his new lady, Precious soon gets the best of every luxurious thing—and fast learns the ropes of her lover’s lethal hustle . . . 
Saundra’s unique look at a female kingpin who struggles with family and feelings adds dimension to an action-packed story.  
Booklist on A Hustler’s Queen

“Saundra writes page-turning experiences that readers feel. Drama at its best.”  
—Tamika Newhouse, AAMBC
“Saundra should be applauded. . . . Enthusiasts of the series will love revisiting Mya.” 
Library Journal on Her Sweetest Revenge 3
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