A Motive for Murder

By: Roy Glenn
ISBN: 9781645565536
Roy Glenn returns with another action-packed saga in the Mike Black universe, which launched over two decades ago.

The war with the Troka Clan, an Albanian mafia organization, is over. Still, Shy is convinced that the gang’s American partner, Daniel Beason, is responsible for the murder of her friend, Reeva Duckworth. Despite her promise to hang up her guns, and her husband’s pleas for her not to get involved because the Albanians are dangerous, Shy is determined to find Beason and ensure he gets what he deserves. Knowing that the boss’s wife can’t be in the streets unprotected, Shy enlists the help of her lifelong BFF, Ryder, the acting captain of Carter Garrison’s crew.

Ryder has problems of her own to deal with. She’s involved in an escalating dispute with Rodney Mack, AKA Truck, one of Kojo’s top drug lieutenants. Their war of words has pushed the already fragile peace between The Family and Kojo’s organization to its breaking point. In addition to the rising tensions with The Family, Kojo has Detective Marita Bautista and her Strike Team coming hard at him, racking up big bust after big bust. Kojo is sure that Bautista has an informant inside of his organization and sends his lieutenants to find the snitch inside his house.

With the Albanians on one side and Kojo on the other, all Shy and Ryder have to do is solve Reeva Duckworth’s murder without starting a war in the process.
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