American Legends: The Life of P.T. Barnum

ISBN: 9781986426800
*Includes pictures.
*Includes Barnum's own quotes about his life and career.
*Highlights Barnum's entertainment career and transition into the circus.
*Includes a bibliography for further reading.
*Includes a table of contents.

"I was a farmhand, a merchant, a clerk, a boss, a theater director and a bank director; I lived in prisons and palaces, I knew poverty and abundance, I’ve traveled extensively on two continents, I’ve met all kinds of people and seen the human character in all its guises, and time and again I have been in the greatest danger. Amidst such a diversity of events, I had to undergo difficult times, but I’m definitely not complaining, and I believe that my life was a happy one, because I always saw the positive side of things." – P.T. Barnum
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