An Ace and Walid Very, Very Bad Christmas (The Cartel Publications Presents)

By: Styles, T
ISBN: 9781948373166
Something is wrong with Ace Wales.After being separated from his twin brother Walid, he is forced to live with his oldest brother Spacey, who does not think his malicious actions are cute or adorable at all. Keeping him in line, Spacey also comes to terms with his marriage falling apart. While also caring for his morbidly obese wife and young son, he finds himself in over his head. It does not help that Ace has grown obsessed with getting a bow and arrow for Christmas. After a near death experience in the family, Mason summons the entire gang to the estate on Christmas Eve. As the liquor pours, the adults lose reason and responsibility, while Walid does his level best, to save the youngest family members in the house. Buckle up your seats and get prepared to spend a Very Bad Christmas with Ace and Walid!
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