Bantu Hebrew Israelites: Identity Revealed

ISBN: 9781722968113
This narrative will challenge your life in more ways than one. It will challenge your spirituality and religion; Your ethnicity; Nationality; And your relationships all round.The black people who are not Africans (Ethiopians, Egyptians, Libyans or Canaanites) or who do not know who they are, will be especially challenged about their Nationality.Other people will be enlightened on who the real Israelites are, their current state and how to relate.Thomas, was born in 1960, in the British protectorate of Kenya. This was a turbulent time for the Kenyans as they were going through the throes of birthing the modern nation of Kenya. The British colonizers had declared a state of emergency as an excuse for using maximum force to forestall the fight for independence. The struggle bore fruit as the rudimentary native forces led mostly by the Kikuyu’s, who were most aggrieved, overcame the might of the British Empire. Kenya gained independence in 1963.He grew in this environment, to complete his education studies in 1978 at Thika High School, and there after pursued tertiary education in Economics and Administration. He attained the rank of Captain in the Army, and as Airline Transport Pilot. He has received 5 Awards and Achievements from the Kenyan and United States Governments.
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