Be Healthier Now: 100 Simple Ways to Become Instantly Healthier (Be Better Now)

ISBN: 9781250795083
Health is not the exclusive domain of the bronzed and the buff. Whatever shape you’re in, you can be healthier than you are today, without making it your full-time job. Be Healthier Now is a collection of 100 things you can do this very moment to lead a healthier life. It includes tips on healthy eating and exercise, but it doesn’t stop there. Remember the why of being healthy; treat happiness as a medical necessity; and work less to live longer. With a life-changing tip on every page, you can flip anywhere in this instant, browsable book to learn something new. Plus, turn your favorite tips into lifelong habits with the daily and weekly habit trackers included. Backed by the latest scientific research and vetted by a medical doctor, Jacob Sager Weinstein provides a holistic program for creating a healthier life by focusing on five key aspects: Think Healthy, Act Healthy, Move Healthy, Eat Healthy, and Healthy All Over.
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