Black Sands, the Seven Kingdoms, volume 2

ISBN: 9781733960953

Black Sands is the most popular independent book series in the black community and it is clear why.

Ausar leads his kin on an expedition to Minoa to find out the true threat of the ancients in the region. 

Unbeknownst to them, their transport has alternative motives for bringing them, leading them to a deadly battle on a remote uncharted island in the Mediterranean. Ausar uses all of his skills to protect his family as they are forced to fight terrifying ancients and during the battle, he is gravely wounded.

When they finally reach Minoa, Ausar needs time to recover before they set out to explore the coast of Cypress. While he is away, Seth, Auset, and Nehbet meet the Queen. It is at this time that they realize there is a god-touched within the city. A young boy named Menes, who wields the power of Magma. This complication leaves many questions to be answered but before they can figure out the details, an invasion begins. The Spartans are here and they want Minoan blood.

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