Bred by the Slums 3: King Pin Status

By: Ghost
ISBN: 9781948878418

SHEMAR is born and BRED BY THE SLUMS of Cloverland, in Houston Texas. From the start, he did whatever it took to break into the game, overcoming deadly challenges while surviving attacks from many enemies gained on his ascent to the top.

After receiving the key to the streets from TAURUS, a powerful drug lord, Taurus becomes the target of vicious, young savages who are hell bent on dethroning the new street king.

Not only must Shemar fight off the clique of murderous young boys, he must eliminate a gang of crazy Haitians who want his power and hood prestige.

While embattled by a drug war, Shemar must also navigate the troublesome fight for his heart that is waged by SIMONE and PURITY. Then, there is a new, unexpected development that emerges!

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