Rejoice Choir


Rejoice Choir African American Christmas Card

A heartwarming scene depicting a black choir, full of children and adults, singing with exuberance and joy. The bright colors of their robes seemingly glow against the stained-glass as they rejoice in the Lord. Packaged in sets of 15 with foil-lined envelopes and gold sealing stickers, there are plenty of these attractive black Christmas cards to share amongst your loved-ones!


  • Size 5" x 7"
  • 15 embossed and foil-stamped cards per box with foil-lined envelopes and gold sealing stickers
  • Inscription: "Oh hear the soulful sounds of Christmas ring, the joy and happiness the season brings. Making joyful noise in song all together, while wishing you and yours the most harmonious Christmas ever! Merry Christmas!"
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