Let Go Of The Past Wall Plaque


Holding on to the past can be painful and keep us from realizing our full potential. If you or someone you know needs the courage and support to get past old hurts and accept the plan God has for them in their life, consider buying one of our handsome Afrocentric wall plaques. These quality glass plaques feature a thoughtful and important inscription: It is time to let go of the past and embrace what God has for you.

Inspire Strength and Courage

This simple yet powerful statement will speak to your family, friends and other members of your community who are focused on past problems and can’t seem to move on. The moment we accept that God has a bigger plan for us and that we’re here today despite past challenges is the moment we feel free and ready to move boldly forward. Our Afrocentric gifts and Let Go of the Past wall plaque will find a treasured spot on your wall, so place your order today.

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