Decoys, Inc.

ISBN: 9781593092054
Decoys, Inc. is a lighthearted story about a young woman putting her sleuthing skills to work as she helps the female population test whether or not their men will cheat if given the opportunity.

Deeva McCoy is floundering in a less than satisfying job when her life seems to go from bad to worse when she's fired. While consoling herself at home, she's sucked into the daytime drama of a popular talk show where unsuspecting men are set up by a sexy decoy on live television. This gives Deeva an idea, and soon she unleashes an entrepreneurial brainstorm and is running her own business—DeCoys, Inc. Soon, women are paying her to see if their men are potential cheaters.

After meeting Tristan Savage and spending what she believed to be an incredible weekend together, her world seems to shatter once more when Monday morning the woman sitting across from her has requested her services to investigate him. Unable to fight her mutual attraction, Deeva finds herself breaking one of her primary rules of business as she continues her relationship with Tristan. But when Tristan finds out about her line of work and the possible reason behind their meeting, the passionate relationship they've developed is at risk.
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