Drug Lords: Divide and Conquer

By: Ghost
ISBN: 9781951081553

Born with a cold heart and an unflinching will to stack countless dollars, MAKARONI was raised in the deadly trenches of the Midwest where nothing comes easy, and everything that's strived for must be gotten in blood. Makaroni is a savage who'll rob and kill on the command of those whom he's sworn loyalty to. STEVO, his right-hand man, is all about acquiring duffel bags of cash, and escaping their struggles by use of the gun. He has an obsession with crushing bosses, and dope boys alike. All in the name of gaining supremacy.

The ambitious duo link up with a plug who offers them the keys to the game as long as they can complete three levels of initiation. Makaroni and Stevo set off on a mission to conquer each level. Along the way, they leave countless bodies, broken hearted women and a trail of blood, all done with no remorse.

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