Dyme Hit List

ISBN: 9780976600718
Rio Romero Clark, is an Oakland-bred brotha determined to remain a Playa-For-Life!

Taught by the best of Macks (his Uncle Lee, Father and Grandfather), Rio feels no woman can resist him. And he knows that his game is definitely tight, considering that he’s as a third-generation Playa.

It is Rio’s United-Nations-like appreciation for all types and races of women, from the Ghetto-Fab to the Professional, that leads him to the biggest challenge of his Mack-hood, Carmen Massey.

Carmen, a luscious southern-Dyme, at first sight, appears to be just another target on Rio’s Dyme Hit List! Possessing a body that’s bangin’ enough to make most brothas beg, mixed with southern-charm that can cause even the best playa to hesitate, Carmen’s got Rio in jeopardy of getting his Playa-Card revoked.

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