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Dynasty: Blacks in White Coats is a primary reference source of more than 300 biographical sketches of physicians, embalmers, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, scientists, and inventors from a global perspective. Also, the book comprises relevant appendices.

The purpose of this work is to introduce high school students to Africans and Africans in the Diaspora who have made significant contributions through inventions, discoveries, and service.

The selected personalities herein have led the way and were able to jump hurdles regardless of obstacles. All of these figures have studied hard. They persevered and sacrificed and never lost focus.

This work that begins with the contributions of Imhotep and continues to flow into the 21st century, is not arranged alphabetically. However, itis chronicled by the birthdates of the personalities discussed. 

The compiler investigated the life and medical discoveries of African and African-American physicians from the past and present. In doing so, it was realized that there were doctors who were investors and nurses who had become doctors. It was also discovered that there were pharmacists who were physicians, and physicians being politicians as well as funeral directors.

The dynasty of excellence continues! 


Otis D. Alexander has directed academic and public libraries in the District of Columbia, Virginia, Indiana, Texas, and Florida. Also, he has been a library manager in the Virgin Islands of the United States and the Republic of Liberia as well as the Dean of the Library Faculty at International University in Dominica. 

Alexander was commissioned to create original choreography that was set to the work of world-renowned poet, Audre Lorde, and performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. His paintings have been exhibited in the nation’s capital and Virginia; and Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, Egypt.

Alexander’s research has appeared in Virginia Libraries JournalScribner’s Encyclopedia of American LivesAfrican American National BiographyStill not equal: expanding educational opportunity in society, and ilovelibraries.org. In addition, excerpts from his doctoral dissertation, “Public Library Outlets Response to the Poor and Unemployed with Emphasis on Danville, Virginia,” appeared in Public Library Quarterly.


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