Egyptian Yoga Calendar 2016

ISBN: 9781937016890

Publisher: Sema Institute

This calendar based on the Great Year system of the Ancient Egyptians. Ancient Egypt was called “Kamt” (black land) in ancient times, hence the words “Kamitic” (refers to the people of ancient Egypt) The Great year is based on the astronomical movement of the earth through the constellations known as the precession of the Equinoxes. It is confirmed by the history given by the Ancient Egyptian Priest Manetho in the year 241 B.C.E. Each Great Year has 25,860 to 25,920 years and 12 arcs or constellations, and each passage through a constellation takes 2,155 – 2,160 years. These are the “Great Months.” The current cycle or year began around the year 10,858 B.C.E. Around the year 36,766 B.C.E, according to Manetho, the Creator, Ra, ruled the earth in person from his throne in the Ancient Egyptian city of Anu. THis calendar has the main Ancient Egyptian holidays and festivals for each month, lunar cycles, solar cycles and seasons and more.

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