ERITREA: A Tourist Guide

ISBN: 9781569020111
If you are looking for international mass tourism, Eritrea is not the place for you. But it you are looking to visit a new country in which people are happy to see you, willing to share their culture and lives, there is no place in Africa quite like Eritrea. It is a traveler's place, rather than a tourist destination. What you will find is a new, dynamic country, friendliness and extremely good value for you money. This is the time to go if you are interested in seeking this part of the Horn of Africa.

Tourism will inevitably grow in Eritrea, but for the moment, most visitors are government officials, representatives of international organizations, Eritreans returning for visits after many years in exile, journalists, film makers, and those wise enough to know here is a fascinating part of Africa which offers incredible diversity in culture, climate and people.
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