Faith and Trust

ISBN: 9781645562023

Faith often feels that her man has way too much money for the small legal endeavors that he tells her about, but she chooses to believe in him. That is until the feds kicks in her door one day. She doesn't know if she has it in her to be a ride-or-die, but putting her belief in Trust may give her an everlasting love or cause her to lose what she loves most. 

Trust is a natural-born hustler. When it comes to getting money, he's strategic and thorough. He likes his money fast and plentiful. For obvious reasons, he has to keep that between himself and his partners. But living a double life isn't easy; his main objectives are to stay free and to protect his future wife, Faith. When Trust has the chance at the biggest score of his life, he doesn't hesitate to risk it all.

This couple seems to have everything right at their fingertips, but losing faith and trust in one another may just be the cause of their ultimate downfall.

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