ISBN: 1733423117
The chapters in this book contain some of the proudest moments for an athlete, as well as the dark moments. I share with you my story of striving to achieve a dream of mine, making it to the NFL and enjoying a long career. Along the way I met with failure, depression and a loss of identity. This book encloses what I believe as the most pivotal moment in every athlete's life, the transition phase. Through self-reflection of myself and observing others both near and far, I noticed that I am not alone in the struggles I faced. I saw how there are gaps that need to be filled throughout the journey. These gaps are to be filled by the athlete, as well as colleges, coaches and parents. If you are one of the hundreds of thousands who struggle with finding the next chapter in life post-athletics, then you will find the answers inside. Included in the book are the areas that I failed to capitalize on along the journey and customs that every athlete can apply to their everyday life to ensure that they meet with success upon their transition from the game. This topic is often pushed under the rug, it is time to talk about it.
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