Goddess of War

By: Slmn
ISBN: 9780998767437
A strong...tale of operatic moral corrosion.-Kirkus Reviews on Gods & Gangsters

Faith Newkirk has it all-a loving husband, beautiful daughter, and a thriving luxury shoe boutique in Washington D.C. Yet a part of her feels as though she's a stranger in her own life and that she's living a lie. When Faith gets kidnapped by a group of goons while walking to her car, she is forced, brutally to remember who she is-and it’s not the suburban wife and mother she’s been pretending to be, but Achilleía, the daughter of one of the most ruthless killers and drug dealers in New York City, who went missing and was presumed dead years prior. As the memories begin to flood back in, she remembers why she ran from her past and why, if she wants to stay alive, she has to keep running from the men she thought loved her who want her dead...
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