Good Girlz With Hood Habits

ISBN: 9780578780054

The crew is back. This time around, we follow Kei'sha and Bishop through their trials and tribulations. Bringing Kei' home is Bishop's number one priority; however, Bishop gets sidetracked when past family drama arise, and he ends up in a situation he could never have imagined. After months of being abused, tortured, and sexually assaulted, Kei'sha decides to take matters into her own hands.


Kei'sha and Bishop's love runs deep; there is no denying that, but will love be enough to get them through Kei's trauma and Bishop's drama? Will outsiders determine their fate? Can Bishop save his wife and their marriage? Take a trip into Kei' and Bishop's world along with the crew from Good Girlz with Hood Habits I as we welcome Kei' home.

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