Grandpa's Cigar Box

ISBN: 9781735735115

Grandpa has a special cigar box, and Jamie can't wait to open it! Inside she knows are clues to another wonderful adventure Grandpa has planned for them. Sometimes it's splashing in the pool, sometimes it's carving jack-o-lanterns, or maybe it's planting flowers. Whatever it is, Jamie knows it will be fun . . . and there's always a joke to share.


One day when Jamie comes to visit, she finds an empty cigar box, and she can't find Grandpa. Is this the end of her fun, or is it her turn to fill the cigar box with special surprises?


Grandpa's Cigar Box is a heart-filled story about how a little girl's visit with her Grandpa makes memories that will last a lifetime. It's a story appropriate for ages 3-7 and anyone who remembers a special bond with their grandparents.

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