Great Bharata (Vol.1): The Invasion Begins

ISBN: 9798887620732
In this thrilling retelling of the ancient Sanskrit epic, the Maha-bharata, Harvard scholar Howard Resnick brings to life the grand and mystical story of heroine Satya-vati. From a humble fishing village, Satya-vati's journey soon leads to great adventure, marrying a prince, and playing a leading role in rescuing the planet.

Great Bharata is a multi-volume epic spiritual fantasy that recounts stories from the ancient Sanskrit epic, the Maha-bharata. The Maha-bharata is an ancient and extraordinary text that claims to tell the immemorial history of South Asia, the Earth, and the entire universe. In this way, the text weaves together the earthly, cosmic, and spiritual in its epic narrative.

The first volume in the series, 
Great Bharata: The Invasion Begins, focuses on the life of the character, Satya-vati, a young female protagonist who goes on a great adventure. As her life journey unfolds, Satya-vati will encounter challenges, romance, grand revelations, and play a critical role in the onset of the Kurukshetra war.
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