Guide to Kemetic Relationships: Ancient Egyptian Maat Wisdom of Relationships, a Comprehensive Philosophical, Legal and Psychological Manual to Apply

ISBN: 9781884564956

Publisher: Sema Institute

According to statistics more than half of marriages fail.Why is there strife between friends, between family members,between parent and child, between communities, betweenneighborhoods, and between countries?This volume is perhaps the most important book Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) philosophy on the subject or human relationships and the source of strife in human relating. It provides a detailed account of the insights on the philosophy of Maat as it relates to the concept and conduct of relationships and the means to engage those in a manner that promotes Peace, Progress and Spiritual Enlightenment as opposed to strife, conflict, suffering and degradation of humanity. This book also provides an extensive never before published, set of questions asked about this wisdom, by students and practitioners alike, which offers an insightful forum that complements the exposition of the teachings in the first chapters. This is a must read and study treatise on the subject, that every practitioner of Maat Philosophy and researcher of Ancient Egyptian wisdom as well as relationship therapist should have as a reference guide. So it is written for those considering entering into relationships, those in relationships, those counseling those who are in relationships and also for those who think they are finished with relationships and want to know what lies beyond.

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