His Final Deal

ISBN: 9781645561057
One of Jamaica's biggest drug lords finds himself at a crossroads between getting revenge on his enemies and the offer of God's salvation...

Raymond Brown, popularly known as Smooth Suave, is one of Jamaica's biggest drug lords. With eight children by six baby mommas and counting, he's a player for life. A true baller, he luxuriates in his wealth. He's a shot caller with soldiers wheeling and dealing all over Jamaica. It's Suave's world, and everyone else just lives in it...or so he thinks.

His nemesis, King Kong, sees it differently. They've been rivals since childhood, and King Kong is hell-bent on destroying Suave at any cost. As the war over power, drugs, and money intensifies, bodies are dropping like flies from Wilton Gardens to Arnett Gardens, washing the island of paradise in blood.

It is the murder and kidnapping of two of Suave's loved ones that brings him to his knees. Being framed for murder, hunted by the cops, pursued by his enemies, betrayed by friends, tormented by a horrid secret, and fighting to protect his family and empire, Suave is nearing his breaking point. Yet, he isn't going down without a fight.
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