I Didn't Think You Existed

By: Ro, Hazel
ISBN: 9781645562368
Four lives...three relationships...one real love. What relationship will remain and which one will crumble?

Tiffany Tate works hard for the life she has--one that others would kill for--the only thing missing is a ring and a husband, which she desperately wants. That's why, when her long-distance boyfriend, David, asks for her hand in marriage, she thinks God has finally answered all her prayers. She doesn't hesitate to give up all she has in St. Louis to begin her new life in Texas with her fiancé.

Tiffany soon discovers that David is not the same person she's come to know over the past three years as his many secrets slowly surface. She is forced to face the hard reality that he can never give her the life she truly desires.
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