ISBN: 9798437990414
The myths compiled in this volume are from the Ita literary corpus. However, they represent mere tokens out of the sizeable number r myths enshrined in the whole gamut of Ifa as a form of religion.

Orunmila is beteved to be the custodian of destiny. One who is specially assigned by Olodumare (the Almighty God) to be the great councellor and redeemer of all other divinity in Yoruba religion. Nothing on earth was created in his absence. Also, it was in his presence that both the twilight and the dawn were created. So, in the very beginning, it was he that God gave the reins of the earth.

This book would be useful to all lovers of Yoruba language, culture, and religion. It is specially designed to meet the needs of both the students from secondary schools and tertiary institutions. The book * well packaged and informative, it is well set out to benefit everybody that has anything to do with Yoruba religion and culture.
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