Ifism : The Complete Works of Orunmila, Volumes 8 & 9

ISBN: 1890157090
In this Volume, Mr. C. Osamaro Ibie continues his revelations of the Odus (Sacred text of Ifa). In addition to revealing the earthly works performed by each Odu (Disciple of Òrúnmìlà), Mr. Ibie also gives account as in his previous volumes of the heavenly works of the Odus as well. This book contains the fifteen Odus of Irosun and Owanrin. Once again as in earlier volumes, the reader, whether novice or initiate will be amazed at the amount of information contained in this series which has never before been published. Through the sacred text of each Odu, the reader is brought into the world of the divinity Òrúnmìlà (the oracular divinity of Wisdom), Gods own witness to creation, also known as Eleri Ukpin. This series is already being considered by many as the Bible of Ifa.
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