Initiation Into Egyptian Yoga and Neterian Spirituality

ISBN: 9781884564024

Publisher: Sema Institute

What is Initiation? The great personalities of the past known to the world as Isis, Hathor, Jesus, Buddha and many other great Sages and Saints were initiated into their spiritual path but how did initiation help them and what were they specifically initiated into?

Many people think of initiation, when associated with spiritual studies, as some kind of fantastic event which will in and of itself cause a major transformation in a person’s life. Initiation should be thought of less as an event and more as the process of embarking on a journey of spiritual living which will lead to spiritual enlightenment. With this broad understanding it should be clear that this entire book is initiating you, the reader, into the higher teachings of life. Every time you turn a page you are learning more and more about the world and as you do you are learning more about yourself. In this section we will discuss the process of initiation and the way in which spiritual knowledge is imparted. This volume is a template for such lofty studies, a guidebook and blueprint for aspirants who want to understand what the path is all about, its requirements and goals, as they work with a qualified spiritual guide as they tread the path of Kemetic Spirituality and Yoga disciplines.

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