ISBN: 1593092709
After her daughter's disappearance, a world-weary grandmother becomes the guardian of her two street-wise grandchildren -- but their demented, no-good father will do anything to get them back. After twenty-nine years of marriage, Hattie has paid her dues. She's now retired and looking forward to enjoying her peaceful golden years. Unfortunately, her calm life is changed forever when her daughter Neema mysteriously disappears and she finds herself to be the sole guardian of her two unruly grandchildren. To make matters worse, their crazed father, Topps Jackson, is determined to get them back. A ruthless drug dealer, Topps runs a dangerously lucrative drug trafficking operation. Now Topps wants to bring his young son into the business at an early age. The only person giving him grief and standing in his way is Hattie Sims. Grandmother or not, Hattie has to go. Driven away by his constant threats, Hattie is forced to live her life on the run, depending on friends and family members to shield her and two grandchildren from danger. But there seems to be no place to hide from a monster like Topps Jackson. Hattie's options are running out. Soon Topps will find her. Realizing that she can't run forever, Hattie decides that enough is enough. She decides to stop running and face the monster for the last showdown.
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