Lovin' Thy Enemy

ISBN: 9781942217237
Charly, is the only daughter of notorious gangster Charlie Brinks. Following in her father's footsteps, Charly carves out her own reputation in the streets, as a woman to be respected and feared. She has no problem keeping her emotions in check and everything strictly business until the love of her life reappears and turns her world upside down. Cross Payne, is the son of Curtis Payne Sr. and the enemy of Charly's father, Charlie Brinks. Cross returns home to run the family empire. After being gone for over sixteen years, will he rekindle a forbidden love with an old flame? Can Charly and Cross suppress their undying passion or will they once again begin a secret love affair, that would end in tragedy if an old vendetta between their fathers is reignited? In Lovin' Thy Enemy sometimes the love of the enemy is all you need.
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