Loving a Borrego Brother 2

ISBN: 9781645560449
After a hurricane of events, so many lies and secrets are left undisclosed between the Borrego brothers and their leading ladies.

As Micah fights to regain Risa’s trust, she battles against her past with Zo, as well as battling for her future as a lawyer. Shortly after Dre discovers Romi’s baby is his, he takes another life-changing blow that could ruin him and Romi indefinitely. Even though Dame and Raina are the youngest in the pack, they work hard to get their relationship in a good place. Will Dame have the self-control it takes to win Raina over for good, or will there be someone else waiting to sweep her off her feet? And while Melo continues to break down Raquel’s tough exterior, she discovers some devastating news that could be detrimental to the entire Borrego family. Melo has an extremely difficult time processing the news. Will it come in between the two of them, or bring them closer together?
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