Mama, I'm in Love with a Thug: A Hood Love Story

By: Tallah J
ISBN: 9798865580935
A Harlem Kingpin meets a struggling, single mother. Hood love is in the air.

Growing up in the projects of East Harlem, life has never been easy for 
Tatiana “Taytay” Watkins. Having two kids before graduating high school didn't make things any easier. Life wouldn't be so bad if she had a loving man to come home to after her long shifts. But her baby daddy is anything but loving. For years, she's felt neglected and unloved. She needs a change. She wants freedom and independence. And above all, she wants to be the great, loving, nurturing mother that she never had. Just when she thinks she's at her breaking point, a true-to-the-game Street King turns her life upside down, introducing her to a life of luxury and comfort that she would’ve never imagined possible.

Tyreek “TKO” Joseph is a certified, Harlem Kingpin. He's got everything a handsome hustla could wish for. Cars, clothes, condos, bankrolls, and baddies. But there's still something missing. Love and genuine affection. When his boujee, Ivy-League educated girlfriend unexpectedly walks out his life, he begins to spin outta control. To soothe his pain, he plans on starting a war. But before he begins dropping bodies, he meets a struggling, love-starved single mother who forces him to rethink everything. She's a lot different from the models, lawyers, and corporate executives he usually deals with. But he soon realizes that she and her kids might be just what he needs in his life.

When Tatiana's baby daddy gets out of jail, he comes looking for her. If he can't have her, then nobody can.
Will Tyreek risk everything he's built to protect her and her children?

Mama I'm in Love with a Thug is the fast-paced, debut novel of Tallah J., a newcomer to the urban fiction game. This heart-racing, African-American romance will dig into your soul, curl your toes, and make you tingle all over... Enjoy!
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