Matrix of African Proverbs: The Ethical and Spiritual Blueprint for True Civilization

ISBN: 9781884564772

Publisher: Sema Institute

In terms of African society and civilization the matrix is proverbial wisdom teachings. African proverbial wisdom teachings are aphorisms that may be found from ancient to modern times that contain a uniquely African perspective on life, social organization and spiritual existence that has been refined, encapsulated over generations. African proverbial wisdom teachings contain guiding principles that were used by ancient African societies and which can still be found in use throughout Africa for the transference of wisdom containing a code for the architecture of a well ordered society and also for personal material and spiritual fulfillment. This volume is dedicated to outlining those principles embedded in African Proverbial Wisdom teachings for those who want to recapture the innate African acumen for creating political and economic well-being and spiritual connection to the universe.

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