My Louisiana Thug: Rocko and Kane's Love Story

ISBN: 9781717871084
It’s something about your first love that makes believe that love can truly be only a beautiful thing. Especially when it’s your first love, the person you expect to spend the rest of your life with. Perfectly crafted without experiencing any ups and down while going through hell and high waters for the one you love.
When young Chicago hustler, Diana Stewart, but known as Rocko, locked eyes with Kenneth Chambers, aka, Kane, a youngin’ from, Louisiana who was seriously about his paper, Rocko was ready to love, but with a crazy life behind closed door, the last thing Rocko needs is a distraction wrapped in good looks, a sweet southern accent, and charming ways. Being abruptly moved from Chicago to the dirty south, Rocko has to continue her hustle providing for her three sisters by any means. With a mom who’s lack in morals and great parenting skills, Rocko will need Kane and his 9 millimeter by her side to stack fetti by any means!
   Things are running smoothly until trouble creeps in as the money chain is rapidly flowing. Being sentenced a juvenile bid doesn't stop anything between the two love birds. Collecting calling cards and putting C.O.'s on payroll became easy. Kane and Diana could never let something like a bid rip them apart. But just when Rocko thought things couldn't get any worse, THEY DO!
 When a family member is murdered in cold blood, will it put a damper on their relationship? Will Rocko see a side of Kane she didn't think existed?
    It's time to fall in love with a hustler by the name of Kane, and his ride or die lover by the name of Rocko. Are you ready for this Louisiana love story?
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