Mysteries of Isis and Ra: A New Original Translation Hieroglyphic Scripture of the Aset(Isis) & Ra

ISBN: 9781884564895

Publisher: Sema Institute

This book contains an original translation, with extended commentary, of the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic scripture known as the myth of Ra and Isis. Discover the depths of Ancient Egyptian Mystic Wisdom by reading with the Trilinear Translation Method Developed by Dr. Muata Ashby. This is a unique opportunity to partake in guided study of one of the most important Ancient Egyptian scriptures, especially in these times of political, economic, environmental instability. Now is the time to elevate consciousness and transform life to meet the challenges ahead. This volume is a must for all who want to study the advanced initiatic teaching of the temple, to understand and live the teaching that was followed by the initiates of ancient times. -Learn the philosophy of the Temple of Aset initiates. -Learn the higher mysteries of life for coping with the modern day struggles and rising to self-mastery. -Learn the Meditation System of the Temple of Aset -Share the wisdom discovered at the temple and the special scripture of the Ancient Egyptian Temple of Aset(Isis). -Learn how to enter the stream of higher consciousness and partake in the legacy of Ancient Kemet for our times

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