Nettie Has Alopecia: A young child’s hair loss journey

ISBN: 9798882771729

“Nettie has Alopecia” is a heartwarming children’s book that follows the story of an eight year old girl named Nettie who makes a surprising discovery while combing her hair one day, it starts falling out. Nettie rushes to her mother for comfort. To Nettie’s amazement her mother reveals that she has the same condition, called Alopecia. Realizing that she’s not alone, Nettie’s fear turns into curiosity. Her mom immediately schedules a doctor’s appointment to confirm and for Nettie to learn more about Alopecia. Through gentle hugs and words of encouragement, Nettie’s mother teaches her that beauty comes in many forms and having Alopecia doesn’t make her any less special and beautiful.

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