Never Again, No More 3: Karma's Brew

By: Untamed
ISBN: 9781645561750

In part 3 of the Never Again...No More series, Trinity, LaMeka, Lucinda, and Charice are back with brand-new drama. Although they seem to have escaped their pasts, they find out they can never say never again. 

Trinity is living the high life and loving it as a wife, a mother, a student and a career woman. But she has a past. A past named...Pooch....

After barely escaping the death grip Tony had over her, LaMeka’s life is truly coming full circle, but her sordid past is not that distant of a memory - but then again, neither is Tony....

Weathering storms is one battle Lucinda is used to, but after she falls in love with Aldris, his past gets US mailed to their front doorstep, she finds out weathering the storm isn’t the’s surviving it....

After the loss of Charity, Charice and Ryan moved on...together. It is a marriage of pure love and pure bliss until Lincoln shows up at their door determined to prove that it is a marriage of pure lies. 

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