Prison Throne (the Cartel Publications Presents)

By: Styles, T
ISBN: 9780989790147
Rasim Nami, a Sunni Muslim, denies his religion and Pakistani background to fall in line with American customs. When it is determined that his father is a part of the militant group responsible for the 9/11 attacks, he experiences a heavy dose of racism and breaks down, until Snow picks him back up.

Snow Bradshaw, the only child to devout Christians, is overcome by boredom. Even though her father was a reformed drug trafficker, which resulted in her name. Realizing she needs excitement, when she meets Rasim he quickly becomes her world and although the road is rocky they marry.

Years later, after his first taste of blood, Rasim becomes a drug lord with cult power. His name is whispered in and out of the federal prison system and he is respected and feared.
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