Re-Education of the Female

ISBN: 9781593091705
A no-holds barred look inside the mind of today’s Black male and how he perceives, relates, and responds to the modern-day African-American female.

Usually when it comes to breaking down relationships between men and women, you hear advice from over-the-hill psychologists or unqualified doctors, but not the average male, and never a masculine brother with any kind of urban flavor. The Re-Education of the Female changes that. For years, women have been the more communicative gender. Now women will have an idea of what the men in their lives may be thinking; and in some cases, why they think a certain way. Women will gain insight on some of the actions and behaviors portrayed by men, which once may have been deemed judgmental, insensitive, or just plain rude. Dante Moore has depicted the male psyche from many different angles on how a man not only perceives women, but how one relates and responds to them as well.
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