Run, 1: Who Can You Turn To?

By: , Dria
ISBN: 9781098335229
Grand larcenist Cole has been on the run for two years. When he's not doing a heist job with his most trusted friend Don, he spnds his time alone in his cramped one bedronn house or having a beer at Bashi's, Silverdale's friendly corner restaurant owner. But all that changes after an unexpected encounter with a young woman named Nala, who is trying to outrun the rich and powerful Dante Pierce. Dante must keep Nala safe and sound to stayin the good graces of his father Paulie. That's not easy to do when Nala keeps running away and his loyal clique of beautiful women begin to fight for his attention and Nala's empty spot. Detective Vanessa is desperately close to catching her long hidden target. she just needs to be in the right place, at the right time. Can Nala and Cole band together to outwit and run their enemies?
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