Satin & Stone

ISBN: 9798218303860

A chance encounter in Forte Green, Brooklyn seemingly sets off a chain of events that lead to the resurfacing of unaddressed trauma, long withheld secrets, and desires for vengeance.

Each person involved in this fast-paced tale of intertwining lives, is forced to confront their demons. Some experience the transformative power of resilience and healing benefits of forgiveness while others face the inevitable consequences that arise when one’s heart is hardened and set on vengeance.

At the epicenter of this gripping romantic thriller, Xavier and Maleah fight to navigate the treacherous terrains of trust, vulnerability, and love after heartbreak.

From one chapter to the next you’ll find yourself questioning: Will Love prevail? Will the broken heal? Will the vengeful be vindicated? & Will the remorseful be forgiven?

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