Single with Benefits

ISBN: 9780312359379
Shawn thinks he has the ultimate woman; Venus is sexy like an Essence model, hood as any Bronx girl, and as sly as a fox. Too bad he doesn't see her double cross before she strips him of all his belongings. Fortunately, Shawn is a hard worker, and his boss has a place for him to stay -- convenient enough for her to also get some of the Shawn lovin'. It is under his boss lady's real estate business that Shawn gets caught up yet again with the rich and connected Macy Jordan. The penthouse, the chauffeured limos, the Broadway shows -- would he ever screw up something this good? But then Shawn never anticipated falling head-over-heels for Lucy, Macy's executive assistant. And this new relationship adds a whole new dimension of secrecy and deception to Shawn's already twisted sexual adventures.
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