Skin Thief

ISBN: 9781952086724

"Pure goth." ―Leigh Harlen, author of Queens of Noise and Blood Like Garnets

The stories in this collection of dark fantasy and horror short stories grapple with the complexities of identity, racism, homophobia, immigration, oppression and patriarchy through nature, gothic hauntings, Trinidadian folklore and shape shifting. At the heart of the collection lie the questions: how do we learn to accept ourselves? How do we live in our own skin?

Includes the stories:

  • "The Pull of the Herd"
  • "Personal Rakshasi"
  • "Her Voice, Unmasked"
  • "Of Claw and Bone"
  • "Propagating Peonies"
  • "Kill Jar" (original novelette)
  • "Tessellated"
  • "Laughter Among the Trees"
  • "Apolepisi: A De-Scaling"
  • "Tara's Mother's Skin"
  • "The Bride"
  • "Douen"
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