ISBN: 9780976600787
Cleofis Jackson a.k.a. “Teflon the Untouchable” is a young hood-rich hustler that the FED’s have not been able to make murder-charges stick. Having been trained by one of the best, Bruno (his cousin), the #1 Kingpin in Chicago destined for the ‘Hood Hall Of Fame’, Teflon desires to achieve everything Bruno has! Blood is normally thicker than water. But when Teflon finds out that his main-girl and first-love (Kim) is about to become Bruno’s baby-mama, it’s about to be on! Teflon is ruthless and murder is his calling-card -- but it doesn’t detour a steady stream of raw ghetto-girls all dying to become his ride-or-die chick. Natalie is a thick 5’3”, gap-toothed, big-booty part-time correctional officer that has a thing for thugs and does many favors for Teflon. Holly is a grimey gangsta-chick that’s all about the dollar, but doesn’t like competition for Teflon’s attention and ain’t never scared to hand-out a beat-down. Shawndra, 10-years older than Teflon, works for Bruno as a ‘mule’, while simultaneously getting dangerously close to Teflon when she begins visiting him during a short-stint in jail. Kim, though a chicken-head, is the only woman that Teflon has a weakness for, having known her since they were 15-years old. When Teflon forms his own crew, ‘The Capone Gang’, and sets out to control the street, his crew’s loyalty and honor gets tested. Everyone knows that if you fail Teflon’s test, you’ll never see tomorrow’s daylight. Gabe is Teflon’s protégé and one of his boyz from the block that he’s now puttin’-up on game, just as Bruno had done for him. Everything between them is all good, that is, until Gabe starts making his own moves, calling his own shots and begins gaining power
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