The Obamas


When the weather gets cool and you’re looking to stay warm, a high-quality cotton throw is ideal. You can toss it over your legs or wrap yourself up entirely and stay toasty warm. At African American Expressions, we have added a beautiful Obamas throw blanket to our catalog thanks to the popularity of our other Obama memorabilia.

Our African American customers love our wide selection of Obamas items. For two consecutive terms, President Barack Obama has worked hard to improve the lives of all Americans and has created a lasting legacy. His wife Michelle has also crafted her own legacy as a strong, smart, compassionate woman who is a role model for black women everywhere.


A Handy Throw for Any Occasion

If you’re looking for a comfortable throw blanket for yourself or as a gift, our Obamas throw is perfect. Its large 4’ by 5’ size means you can snuggle up on the couch or your favorite chair. Made from 100% cotton, its soft and natural finish feels great on your skin. When you’re not using it, you can lay it over your couch to put the Obamas on display. You can even hang it over a blanket rack or on the wall as a piece of art, thanks to the beautiful, high-quality image of Barack and Michelle.

Think of all of the people in your life who could make use of this wonderful throw blanket. Your children, your grandmother, other family members and friends would all appreciate receiving such a wonderful gift. It’s practical and also aesthetically appealing. We all have those moments where we’re watching TV, listening to the radio, reading a book or just sitting down enjoying a moment of relaxation and would like a comfortable warm throw to toss over our legs. Thanks to this Obamas throw, you can enjoy an image of the inspirational Obama couple and stay warm when the temperature drops.


Order Your Obamas Throw Blanket Today

Our team here at African American Expressions prides ourselves on promoting a positive image of African American people and culture. Together we should celebrate what it means to be black in America today. We work hard to carry the kinds of quality gifts and items that you’d be happy to offer to your family and friends. This includes our large cotton Obamas throw that mixes practicality with beauty.

Many were thrilled when Barack Obama was sworn in as the first African American President in history. He worked hard to put the country on the right track during his first term, and then he went on to win a second term. His legacy will be one of vision, compassion and strength. He worked to unite all Americans and help our black communities grow and pushed for positive change. Every step of the way he had his beautiful wife Michelle supporting him and working on her own projects to enrich the lives of men, women and children across our great country.

Place your order today for your Obamas throw blanket and enjoy comfort and inspiration every day!


Size: 4'W x 5'L / 100% Cotton
Text: The Obamas

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