The Adventures of Team Pom: Squid Happens: Team Pom Book 1

ISBN: 9781912497256
When oddballs Agnes, Roberta and Ruby discover a shared passion for synchronized swimming, the trio become Team Pom. But between snack time, their favorite TV show, and raising pigeons, it can be hard to find time to practice.

“Good book alert! Drew and her daughters love biting into a good book together, and 
The Adventures of Team Pom is a hilarious series they revisit again and again!”
—The Drew Barrymore Show

“The ethnically inclusive team and their friendship dynamic is a highlight of this joyfully absurd, pleasingly overstuffed story.”
—Publishers Weekly

"Will this unusual bunch find the teamwork, practice, and grace needed to become water-dance superstars? Readers will find out for themselves in this page-turning comic book filled with friendship, suspense and lots of charm."
—Illustoria Mag

This crew of self-proclaimed weirdos are tired of their loser status in the pool. But on their way to gain the respect and free snacks they deserve, they stumble upon a lonely giant squid. Will he be the secret weapon they need for synchronized swimming stardom? Will they be able to outwit the sinister strangers in bowler hats, or will they end up with ink on their faces?

The first in this series and a debut comic book from award-winning Filipino illustrator Isabel Roxas, Squid Happens is a hilarious read that explores friendship, teamwork and what it means to be yourself.

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