The Akan, Other Africans and the Sirius Star System: Egyptian and Sumerian Gods in African culture

ISBN: 9781952228018
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The Akan are an African indigenous group found primarily in the southern parts of Ghana, as well as in Cote d'Ivoire and in Togo. This book explores certain aspects of Akan language, culture and tradition that point to association with star beings from the Sirius star system. Akan language and culture offers clues and revelations that point to links with the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia and of the Nile valley. Among these revelations, Kwame Adapa shows that names of Akan deities can be traced back to Egyptian and Mesopotamian deities who have links with the Sirius star system. Having grown up in Akan culture, it was a starting point for Kwame Adapa to do more research on the Akan and other African people. Among the revelations in this book are language and cultural connections between the Akan and other African groups as well as with human groups beyond Africa. Kwame Adapa tells an engaging story that implies that the Akan, the Bakwama, the Bambara, the Dogon and just about every African ethnic group is connected to the Sirius star system in one way or another. These connections can be found in their legends, their language and their culture.
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