The Alcázar of Seville: The History of Spain's Most Famous Royal Palace

ISBN: 9781717276469
*Includes pictures
*Includes contemporary accounts
*Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading
*Includes a table of contents

The majority of those fortunate enough to feast their eyes upon the majestic complex that is the Alcázar of Seville share the same sentiment: its beauty is indescribable. This is a place that oozes opulence, a kind of opulence flavored by class and historical charm, rather than the garish flamboyance and tawdry ostentation often displayed by the nouveau riche. To say that the Alcázar is fit for the fussiest prince would simply be downplaying its splendor. Of course, this was exactly what the Alcázar was, and continues to be, for this fantastical compound is the oldest European royal residence still in use.

The royal estate, with 17,000 square meters of spectacular structures and 7 hectares of lavish gardens, is even more sublime in the nighttime. The rambling Moorish arches, and the gorgeous detail of the fairy-tale turrets and curtain walls – from the striking shapes of the rectangular merlons, capped with triangular cones, to the coarse, aged texture and smears of damp discoloring the ancient facade – are all the more emphasized by the torches dotted throughout the premises. But following the departure of the nocturnal visitors, the interactive tour guides (clad in elaborate costumes of historical figures just hours before), and the last of the staff, the Alcázar, some say, becomes an intoxicating, sinister maze almost impossible to escape.
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