The Hebrew Israelite Community

ISBN: 9780761812692
The Hebrew Israelite Community introduces the African-Americans who are members of the Hebrew Israelite Community in Israel from a sociological and anthropological perspective. This community has passed through several phases since its beginning in Chicago in 1963 as the followers of a charismatic leader, to the "Black Africa" movement in Liberia, a millennial cult, to a utopian community. The spiritual leader of this community, Ben Ammi provides a foreword to the book. The author begins with an introduction to the Black Americans and their children who are members of the Hebrew Israelite Community in Israel that provides a description of the social structure and activities of the community. He moves into a discussion of the holistic lifestyle of the community that includes high moral standards, communal sharing, and the production of clothing from natural fibers, as well as the unique system of preventive health care. The well defined structures of both the society and the family, including the place of priests and women are presented. Most of all the author emphasizes the importance of the community and its place within the larger world.

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